Armin Van Buuren makes a pop-disco track

Trance music’s ultimate hero Armin van Buuren surprised fans with a brand new funky disco-tinged pop track, “Sex, Love & Water”. His latest single, which features Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell—known for his work on Kygo’s smash shit “Firestone”—has become a huge topic of conversation since it dropped on February 2nd.

While he regularly makes tracks that aren’t trance—something fans have grown accustomed to—“Sex, Love & Water” isn’t like anything he’s done before.

The track was produced in collaboration with renowned hip hop producer Scott Storch. The unlikely ally has written and produced for 50 Cent, Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Mario, Ricky Martin and Sean Paul.

“I’ve long been toying with the idea of diving into some funk or disco-flavoured music for a change,” van Buuren said. “So when the magic started flowing in a studio in L.A., I was really eager to explore this side of me.”

“Adding the likes of Conrad Sewell and Scott Storch to the record truly proved the icing on the cake and I’m really glad to see that our new track, “Sex, Love & Water”, saw its official release today,” he continued.

Check out Armin van Buuren’s latest track below and tell us what you think.

Source: Pulse Radio


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