Eric Prydz announces new live show HOLO

Earlier this week, Eric Prydz teased a mesmerizing clip of a new, larger-than-life stage production set-up. He left fans on a cliffhanger, explaining that a new announcement was coming later this week.

He's now announced the impending arrival of HOLO, the next phase and evolution of his incredible live shows. As the name suggests, HOLO will focus on the use of holographic technology for Prydz's massive touring experience.

Apart from HOLO, which will likely be his focus for 2018, there are still plans to bring back and update his beloved EPIC show with a brand new redesign for 2019, meaning that there's plenty to look forward to from Prydz.

The first stops to experience HOLO will land in Glasgow, Belfast and Creamfields later this year.


Source: Mixmag


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