Nicolas Jaar releases album under little known alias

Nicolas Jaar slipped out a new album called 2012 - 2017 last week via his label, Other People

The album, which is built mostly from soul and funk samples, came out on February 17th with little fanfare. It was released under the name A.A.L. (Against All Logic), and Pitchfork pointed out that Jaar has previously mentioned this alias in interviews. They cite one Crack Magazine interview where he says: "I always find it funny when announcements say something is 'the first Nicolas Jaar single in three years,' as I've put out work under many different names." 

There were three A.A.L. singles that led up to this full-length, and a mix of original material, including some of the tracks on 2012 - 2017

Jaar's last album credited to his given name, Sirens, came out in 2016. 

Listen to the album. 

01. This Old House Is All I Have 
02. I Never Dream 
03. Some Kind Of Game 
04. Hopeless 
05. Know You 
06. Such A Bad Way 
07. Cityfade 
08. Now U Got Me Hooked 
09. Flash in the Pan 
10. You Are Going to Love Me And Scream 
11. Rave on U 

2012 - 2017 is out now on Other People


Source: Resident Advisor


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