DJ Mighty Ming

After a ten year stint in the acting profession, DJ Mighty Ming returned to DJing in May 2016, quickly establishing himself as an exciting prospect in the world of electronic dance music.


As of now, his highly regarded weekly mix show, Mixtape Mondays, has been syndicated out to seven online radio portals with a combined global reach of over 80,000 listeners. Added to this, he has a monthly mix show on FM radio which began in the autumn of 2017 going out to a further 35,000 listeners across the South East of England.


Known for his seamless mixing style, sublime taste and high production values, it looks like Mighty Ming is on the road to high demand. A natural performer when live, Mighty Ming beat matches by ear and creates euphoric dance floor moments with his energetic mixing style and his high energy on stage antics. Mighty Ming not only deserves to be heard, but demands it.