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Kenny is a surname, a given name, and a diminutive of several different given names.

In Ireland, the surname is an Anglicisation of the Irish Ó Cionnaith, sometimes spelled Ó Cionnaoith. It is also a name from Waterford to Cork which derives from MacKenny.

One bearer of the name was Cainnech of Aghaboe, better known in English as Saint Canice - a sixth-century Irish priest and missionary, after whom the city and county of Kilkenny is also named. The Irish form Cill Chainnigh means "church of Canice".

It is thought that the Ó Cionnaith sept was part of the Uí Maine kingdom, based in Connacht. Within this area, the name is associated traditionally with counties Galway and Roscommon.

Kenny is ranked at number 76 in the list of the most common surnames in Ireland. Other spellings include O'Kenny, Kenney, Kennie, Kinnie and Kinny.

Kenny is most often used as a diminutive form of Kenneth and Ken but it is also used as a given name.

People named Kenny

Given name

  • Cainnech of Aghaboe (515/516-600), also known as Saint Kenny, Irish saint, abbot, monastic founder, priest and missionary
  • Kenny Anderson (basketball), basketball player
  • Kenny Bernstein, NHRA driver
  • Kenny Booker, American basketball player
  • Kenny Bräck, former IndyCar driver
  • Kenny Chesney (born 1968), American country music singer, songwriter and record producer
  • Kenny Clarke, jazz drummer
  • Kenny Dalglish, Scottish soccer player and manager
  • Kenny Delmar, actor and voice artist
  • Kenny Dykstra, American professional wrestler
  • Kenny Easterday, "Man with half a body"
  • Kenny Edwards (rugby league), New Zealand Rugby League player
  • Kenny Everett, disc-jockey and comedian
  • Kenny Håkansson, Swedish musician
  • Kenny Hotz, Canadian filmmaker and star of Kenny vs. Spenny
  • Kenny Hughes, actor, dancer, director and writer
  • Kenny Irwin, Jr., former NASCAR driver
  • Kenny Jackett English football player and manager
  • Kenny Koplove, American baseball player
  • Kenny Layne, professional wrestler
  • Kenny Liu, member of Mandopop boy band Top Combine
  • Kenny Lofton, baseball outfielder
  • Kenny Loggins (born 1948), American singer and songwriter
  • Kenny Mayne, American sports journalist
  • Kenny Miller, Scottish footballer
  • Kenny Moore, American athlete
  • Kenny Moore (American football), American football player
  • Kenny Okoro, American football player
  • Kenny Omega, ring name of Canadian professional wrestler Tyson Smith
  • Kenny Ortega, film director
  • Kenny Perry, American professional golfer
  • Kenny Roberts, former motorcycle racer
  • Kenny Rogers, American country music singer
  • Kenny Stucker, American football player
  • Kenny Vaccaro, American football safety
  • Kenny Wallace, NASCAR driver


  • Anthony Kenny (born 1931), English philosopher
  • Bernard Kenny (born 1946), American politician
  • Bill Kenny (Australian footballer) (born 1897), Australian rules footballer
  • Bill Kenny (footballer), played at least one season in the American Soccer League
  • Bill Kenny (singer) (1914-1978), African-American singer with The Ink Spots
  • Brett Kenny, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Brian Kenny (disambiguation)
  • Charles Kenny (1898-1992), US composer, lyricist.
  • Charles Kenny (cricketer) (1929-96), English
  • David Kenny (disambiguation)
  • Enda Kenny (born 1951), Irish politician, leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach
  • Enda Kenny (singer), Irish-born Australian folksinger and songwriter
  • Elizabeth Kenny (1880-1952), unaccredited Australian nurse whose controversial treatment of polio victims became the foundation of physical therapy
  • Gerard Kenny, British-based American composer, pianist and singer
  • Henry Kenny (1913-1975), Irish politician and Gaelic footballer
  • Henry Kenny (Australian politician) (1853-1899)
  • Henry Edward Kenny (1888-1979), British soldier awarded the Victoria Cross
  • J. E. Kenny, Irish politician
  • James Kenny (photographer), British photographer
  • Jason Kenny (born 1988), English cyclist
  • Jon Kenny, Irish comedian and actor
  • Lawrence Kenny, Catholic priest and exorcist
  • Mark Kenny, former Irish footballer
  • Matthew Joseph Kenny, Irish politician from Clare
  • Maurice Kenny (born 1929), Mohawk poet
  • Michael Kenny (disambiguation), includes some Michaels better known as Mick or Mike
  • Mick Kenny (Kilkenny hurler) (died 2003)
  • Mike Kenny (writer), British playwright
  • Nick Kenny (poet) (1895-1975), US columnist, lyricist & poet
  • Nick Kenny (rugby league), Australian rugby league player
  • Paddy Kenny, British-born Irish footballer
  • Paddy Kenny (hurler), Irish hurler
  • Pat Kenny (born 1948), Irish broadcaster
  • Seán Kenny (hurler), Irish hurler
  • Stephen Kenny (footballer), Irish football manager
  • Tom Kenny (born 1962), American voice actor and comedian, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Tom Kenny (hurler), Irish hurler
  • William Kenny (politician), Irish Unionist MP and Privy Councillor

Fictional characters

  • Kenny (Beyblade), in the anime and manga series Beyblade
  • Kenny (Tomorrow People), in the 1970s science fiction series The Tomorrow People
  • Kenny Ackerman, a character from Attack on Titan
  • Kenny Chang, in the British web series Corner Shop Show.
  • Kenny McCormick, a character who always dies in the most tragic ways in the animated series South Park
  • Kenny Powers (character), the protagonist of the HBO series Eastbound and Down
  • Kenny Smyth, a corporate bathroom plumber in the 2006 film Kenny
  • Kenny Wangler, an African American drug addict in the HBO drama Oz
  • Kenny, in the movie Let Me In
  • Kenny, in the episodic video game series The Walking Dead: Season One
  • Kenny the Shark, a character from Kenny the Shark
  • Kenny (Kouji), a character from Stitch!

See also

  • Shaun Kenny-Dowall, New Zealand rugby league footballer
  • Thomas Kelly-Kenny General in the Boer war
  • Kenney (disambiguation)
  • Kinney (disambiguation)
  • List of Irish-language given names


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  • Genealogies of Kenny and Lysaght by Cecil Stacpoole Kenny 1915, NLI, Dublin, Ireland
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