King Street Sounds

It all started with the famous Paradise Garage nightclub, home of the late great legend Larry Levan. Dance Music luminaries such as Francois Kevorkian, David Morales, Louie Vega, and Junior Vasquez credit the Paradise Garage as a major influence in their styles and even in their decisions to become DJs. Born of this musical phenomenon in 1993, was BPM King Street Sounds. Hisa Ishioka founded the label to continue the ten-year tradition of soulful-spiritual house music that the club helped give birth and lend an ear to in the late 70’s to the late '80's. A musical harvest that has yielded some of the sweetest dance records ever, King Street has established itself as one of the finest and most respected labels releasing Dance Music today. 

King Street Sounds is a proper NY Garage House record label that has been on the cusp of Dance Music, bringing such sounds as Soulful and Vocal House, Deep House, and Afro/Latin/Jazz excursions to the forefront. Not to mention that, to date, it remains one of the few consistently strong independent labels in today's unforgiving and unstable market. Major and independent labels far and wide approach us on a daily basis for the licensing and distribution of our releases. Our success lies in a combination of many factors with a focus on working with some of the hottest dance producers in addition to aggressively seeking out new talent. This combination has helped us build a solid following for our labels and releases.

To the left of King Street’s center is Nite Grooves (Recordings). Once named the “Dubby Yin to King Street’s Soulful Yang,” Nite Grooves lives up to the company’s reputation for cutting edge, non-conforming musical compositions, releasing darker, more Underground, Techno, Tech House, Deep House, even Lounge, Leftfield, NuDisco, Abstract and Experimental productions. Since its inception in 1994, the stepchild of its parent label has seen much success with releases produced by Ananda Project,Tiger Stripes, Cevin Fisher, DJ Pierre, Ron Trent, Ralphi Rosario, and the list goes on and on. Nite Grooves dips into the same well of talent, but appeals to a different audience that craves more underground and/or progressive tracks. As the UK’s Blues & Soul Magazine once wrote, “Maintaining its consistency in putting out exceptionally produced compositions.”

In 2009, we saw the birth of our stepchild imprint, namely Street King. Trying to describe Street King is like trying to describe what dark chocolate taste like. You can’t put it into words; you just know it’s good.
Keeping in step with the highest standards for quality productions that both King Street & Nite Grooves has been known for collectively for two decades. Since then it’s expanse into the Deep House, Tech House, NuDisco, Progressive House, with artist albums such as P’taah’s "Perfumed Silence”, "Remixed Silence", Doomwork's "Club Abduction" and compilation projects like “Reformed Classics,” “House of Ibiza,” the “Street King” series with Alex Kenji, Stefano Noferini, Aki Bergen, Kruse & Nuernberg, DJ PP and many others.


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