Carl Cox stops DJing mid-set to break-up fight

Carl Cox cut the music mid-set during a gig in Athens last weekend to break up a dancefloor scuffle.

The beloved DJ/producer was playing at Techniques festival when a fight broke out during his set at the Gazi Music Hall. On a video filmed from the crowd, Coxy can be heard saying "Stop this shit, it's too fucking good in here right now for this aggression," before explaining he will only continue his set if the fighting stops.

The lights are then switched on in the club, with the DJ continuing to shout that he's "too happy to see that shit" and "you party people don't need this inside". He then asks if those fighting are finished, before requesting they are removed from the venue. The outcome of the incident remains unclear.

Check out the video from Techniques below.

Carl Cox features on the new Hot Creations EP, 'Don't Turn Your Back', alongside Danny Tenaglia.

Source: DJMag


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