New To Soulfinity: Lady Duracell's We Get Lifted

We would like to welcome to the Soulfinity Radio team Lady Duracell with her top soulful and deep house radio series We Get Lifted. 

Get Lifted was created  in 2005, as a way for Lady Duracell to share her love of deep, soulful afro house music to like-minded people.

After 13 years and still going strong, Get Lifted continues to spread the love of house music globally via the Get Lifted Radio Shows, events & Podcasts.  As well as DJ Lady Duracell's monthly show, the series features guest mixes every month.  Previous guests include Louie Vega and contributions from  Ridney, Sy Sez, DJs Older & Wiser, Lee Freeland, Lou Alvarez, The Driver Brothers and Rob Hayes.

Every fifth episode, Lady Duracell releases a throwback mix, taking you through a journey of house music that has been featured in the Get Lifted radio shows, at the parties, and loved by house heads all over the years.

Tune in every Tuesday at 7pm AEST for We Get Lifted.

For more info on this amazing series and Lady Duracell, check out


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