Greg Anderson

DJ Greg Anderson's career started back in 1979 while still in high school, under the tutelage of Billy “B-Star” Barton. Billy took Greg under his wing and showed him what equipment to get and how to start thinking like a DJ.  Greg started with a love of old school hip hop DJ break beats & that grew into playing just about everything.

In 1983, Greg collaborated with high school classmate Mark Cudney and together they created the “IMC Crew” where they played rock and hip hop to mixed crowds locally. That same year Greg got his first experience in actual radio programming at NSB Radio in NYC.

On a trip to London back in 1996 while working as the USA buyer for Release The Groove in the UK, Greg had an opportunity to DJ as a guest on Jeremy Newall’s show on the pirate radio station 106.5 Girls FM. 'The feeling I got after that show had me knowing that this was something I knew I wanted to do on a regular basis. It was just about getting the right opportunity and to apply myself when the time was right.'  

Later on that year in 1996, Greg was introduced to Ricky Panutto from Italy, he then in turn set him up to do a radio mix show for Punto Radio 96 in Novara Italy, where he had a weekly slot for 3 years with very good success. 

Greg Anderson has a global presence in pushing good music, with guest DJ spots on House Station Radio in Italy, Rise and Shine Show in Chicago, Radio X in Germany & WNYU in NYC. Girls FM in London, Soulful House in Barcelona, Natural Essence, Radio Attiva in Italy.