Fran Gómez Cara (1979) aka K.F.K aka Karilla. His passion for music began in 1995 with his first approach to the electronic scene, although it was not until 1997 (with his first residency in a small place in his hometown El Ejido - Almería) where he began his career as a DJ.

Under the a.k.a. Karilla, was resident in several of the best rooms in Almeria, and played in some of the most important clubs in the Spanish Levante.

In 2013 he co-founded the promoter COMMON PEOPLE with which he participates in retro-cut events periodically, in which the old vinyl are absolute protagonists of the party. Under the a.k.a. KFK, in 2017 was a resident of Esencia Beach Club (Almería), with house music as the common denominator. Currently a member co- founder of K-ART music, a duo project with ARTjona.