Stephen Howie

Stephen Howie is the founder and presenter of Grooveline. He founded the show in 1998, as a fifteen year old, at HBSA Radio in Irvine, on the west coast of Scotland. This came after a childhood of listening to soul, jazz funk and disco - the record collection of his mother's partner John - a popular DJ in Scotland and Spain during the 1980s.

Years of recording radio shows in his bedroom led to someone suggesting that he tried to get into local hospital radio. In December 1997, Stephen did just that, and started presenting weekly shows which became Grooveline in April 1998.

Since then the show has blossomed from a weekly show on an internal radio system at a hospital, to an international, multi-platform production hosted on over a dozen radio stations worldwide, followed and supported by a loyal and growing audience.

Stephen, and Grooveline, moved to England in 2001 as he persued a university degree. In 2008 they moved to London. Stephen started work at an international news TV company, and Grooveline established itself in the city.

As well as being a huge fan of soul music and broadcasting, Stephen is a life-long fan of Celtic Football Club. He's also a bit of a home chef. The main rule there being "the spicier, the better!".

Location: London, England
Show: Grooveline
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